Monday, March 11, 2013

kinda successful week, not so successful weekend

So Last week.....

Last week was great, I started off the week in GREAT spirits I was steadily loosing weight, I was drinking water, I was doing my daily workouts, getting in my cardio etc. 

As for my goals,  I completed over 5 hours on the bike 10km running ( i was supposed to do 15 but the weather was bad, so I did extra time on the bike to make up for it) 

I drank my water

I tracked

I did my exercises

SUCCESS - $25 earned!

as for my weight It was doing really well, but by the end of the week I got into some easter candy, and late night dinners that caused me to gain 0.2  Im not mad about the gain as it wasnt that big, but I wish i tried just a tad harder to have a loss. 

The weekend started early for a snow day on Friday.  Let me tell you what i did this weekend.....
I ate
I ate
I slept
I ate
I watched movies
I ate
I ate
I ate some more. 

I did NOT do any of my goals, I barely drank water, I barely worked out, I did NOT track, but i did eat! 

starting today i am back on track, and ready to reach my weekly goals.  If I stay on track the rest of the week I will give myself my money for iPad. 

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