Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Since I can't run for a week a two (stupid shin splints!)  I have set up my bike on the indoor trainer.  Yesterday I rode it for an hour, OMG so boring!!!!!  even with the TV on, I couldn't wait to get off.

What am I going to do?!?  I have two more hours to complete on my bike this week, and I'm dreading every minute of it!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shin splints.....ugh

Last year I bought these new fancy running shoes and after about 2 weeks of running in them, I ended up getting HORRIBLE shin splints where I couldnt even waslk on my ankle.  It left me with 3 months of NO running, which sucked. 

So this past week was FREEZING cold, and when I was running my ankle (the other ankle from my injury last year) started bothering me, but more like I a pain that I had just twisted it or because it was stiff from the cold.  About half way through my run it felt fine. 

Yesterday I ran again in FREEZING temps.  My ankle started fine, but at the end felt like i had lightly twisted it.  then last night when I was getting out of the car I had whaked it on the corner of my car door.  Today my shin/ankle THROBS!  I dont knos if its the start of another shin splint or a bruise from the car door.  To play it safe I am going to lay off the running for the week. 

I am devastated because this was a goal of mine to run 20K.  But to make up for that since Ive already run 5km this week, I am going to spend 3-4 hours on my bike.  this will make up for my running goal this week

so my updated goals are
run - 5km - COMPLETED
bike - 3 1/2 hours total
and track WW points

I hope this is just a bruise and not a shin splint....

Friday, January 25, 2013

goals 1/25 to 1/31

here are my weekly goals for the week of January 25, 2013 to January 31, 2013

-  run 20km
-  do 100 ab exercises daily
-  do 10 pushups daily
-  do 10 tricep dips daily
-  take all vitamins daily
-  track all WW food daily, do not go over my weekly and/or activity points

wish me luck hoping to earn $25 more for completing these tasks, and another $50 if i loose 1.6 pounds.

I think I can!!

week in review 1/17 to 1/24

Well it's Friday.....TGIF!!!

For only having work 4 days this week, it sure did feel like a full week and then some!  This week was sunny, but brutally cold and miserable.  The day times highs were in the teens and the wind chills were in the single digits or even worse the negatives!

I am however proud of myself for as easy as it is to stay inside and sit by a fire in my cozy clothes and fantasize about being skinny on pinterest I did get out and complete all of my runs to achieve my weekly running goals.  As for eating I think I definitely at better than i did last week.  I'm still feeling slightly sick, but no longer have that post nasal drip/constant hunger feeling.  I tracked all my food and did not go over my weekly extras and my earned activity points.  I am also very proud that since I have been doing this i have completed my daily ab/push up/triceps exercises.  This is the first time ever that I have kept something like that up.   here were my goals for last week....

-  run 20km - COMPLETE
-  do 100 ab exercises daily - COMPLETE
-  do 10 push ups daily - COMPLETE
-  do 10 triceps dips daily - COMPLETE
-  take all vitamins daily - COMPLETE
-  track all food and do not go over my weekly and earned activity points for the week - COMPLETE

Money earned towards iPad for the week from completing goals  - $25

as for my weight.  I do weigh myself daily and I am happy and sad at the same time.  As of last weekend I was down 2.4 pounds I pretty much ate the same and worked out the same for the remaining part of the week but my weight crept up, but I am happy that it is lower than it was last week

Money towards iPad from weight loss - $0

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 years

Today Mr. Match and I have been dating for 3 years!!  it doesn't seem like 3 years, it seems like we have been dating for a lot less - hmmmmmm.  Crazy that its been 3 years already!!!  Maybe I'll get a diamond ring soon - then that will give me real motivation to get rid of my muffin top!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dont make me go....

Running in this cold frigid windy weather!!!!

How do i get myself motivated to go running in this weather.  It is in fact a sunny day with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground, but its so cold, and windy.

Normally I don't think of running anything less than a 5km.  But Saturday I was running with my boyfriends 7month old lab (who is a HORRIBLE runner!) so our run ended short at a 3km.  which leave me with just 7 more Km to run to reach my goal.  My intentions this week were to go over my goal, but now with this weather I am thinking of running a 3km today and a 4km on Thursday (maybe 5 Thursday if the weather is better)

UUUGGGHHHH  I'm dreading it!

Monday, January 21, 2013

1/18/13 - 1/24/13 - goals

My goals this week are....

-  run 20k
-  100 ab exercises daily
-  10 pushups daily
-  10 tricep dips daily
-  take vitamins daily
-  track every bite  and do not go over weekly points

1/11/13 to 1/17/13 RESULTS

So this past week was not successful on the scale, but was successful on my goals.  I was terribly sick all week which caused me to eat like crazy, but I tracked every last point I ate. Infact I ate all of my weekly point, activity points, and ended up NEGATIVE 25 points!!!!!

so for this week I earned $25 towards my iPad.  I did not earn 75$ because i did not loose the weight I needed, but i stuck to my goals I....

-  ran 20k
-  did my ab workouts daily
- did my daily pushups
- did my daily tricep dips
- took all my vitamins
- tracked every point i ate

total earned $25

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ugh.....head colds

I'm so stuffed up, I blow my nose constantly, I'm tired.....ugh i hate being sick.  And on top of it all Ive been eating everything in sight! 

Thankfully Ive still be tracking my WW points.  So far this week i have already used all of my weekly points and almost all of my activity points.  I'm not to concerned about going over all my points because my original goal this week was to track track track, so I'm proud I am achieving that. 

I just need to run 1 more 5k and i will have achieved my weekly running goal  Looks like it wont happen today with the new snow that fell but hopefully tomorrow. 

Hoping to earn my 25$ in weekly goals this week, doesn't look like ill lose the pound, will most likely gain  :( 

Monday, January 14, 2013


Do you reward yourself for loosing weight, or staying on track?

I think I am going to try this and see if I am able to be successful this way. 

One thing that I would like (I definitely do not NEED it, but it would be nice at times) is an iPad.  so I am going to start putting money away towards one. 

for every pound i loose = $50 in jar
If i gain a pound one week and then loose a pound, that does not count, I have to loose below my lowest weight for it to count. 

for every week that I achieve my goals = $25 in jar
this includes running goals, WW points tracking goals, and other goals stated at the beginning of the week. 

my starting weight for this will be 160. 

I love you weekends, I hate you weekends!

Who doesn't love the weekends?  Theres nothing better than being able to wake up later than normal, not rush to make breakfast, make lunch, get dressed and get out the door on time.  I am one person that loves the freedom and flexibility of the weekends. 

I am also the person that HATES the weekends.  With the weekends comes many more opportunities to eat more, not plan accordingly, and more relaxing time which for me leads to bordem eating.  Even on weekends that I track every bite/point that I put into my mouth, I still GAIN weight!!!!   Im so over it! 

Now on top of gaining weight this weekend, I have a cold which is causing me to have post nasal drip which makes me STARVING all the time. 

I just want to have a successful weekend and loose some weight!!  I was however successful at tracking every bite, so that was good. 

How can I be successful on my weekends?   

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fantastic Friday!

Friday Friday Oh How I love you Friday! 

1.  Pay Day
2.  Mr. Match is here for the weekend
3.  Stayed on track with WW points
4.  tracked every bite!
5.  had a happy hour and caught up with summer friends
6.  Went out to dinner
7.  sweat like a pig at the trainers (so sore today!)
8.  did my sit ups
9.  did my pushpups
10.  did my tricep dips


heres to hoping I can keep it up all week!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Feeling good...

OK so I may have eaten like everything in sight all week, and had some ups and downs with my weight, but Overall I am feeling great so far.  This week I accomplished my running goal of 20km.  Some of my runs were "dreadful" others were delightful. I even ran one day wearing shorts!  yes shorts in New England in January.  I ran by snow covered yards wearing shorts as the temps climbed to the high 40's and the sun was shinning!

One challenge that I had this week was that I ate SO Much CRAP!  I mean one day I actually ate only cookies, candy or junk food.  I don't know why, I was just craving it!  I know all around it wasn't the best choice, and that is part of the reason why I didn't loose as much as I did.

Mr. Match is coming this weekend.  I didn't get to see him last weekend because I had to work, and he was on call.  He was supposed to get to my house last night, but I guess issues came up at work and he ended up working til 12:30am!  Our plans this weekend are to relax.  If its nice I'd love to go for a hike or a nice long walk.  We also have a few errands to do, and lots of relaxing to do.

My biggest goal this week is to get back into the Weight Watchers routine of tracking.  I feel that If I can get back into that routine, my Weight Loss will start to take off again.

Here are my Weekly goals for 1/11/13 - 1/17/13

-  Run 20km
-  track WW points every day
-  make better food choices
-  loose 1lb.

New Years Resolutions: - so far I've been good at keeping up with the ones that I've already started.
-  100 abs exercises daily
-  10 push ups daily
-  10 tricep dips daily
-  take vitamins daily
this week I will try to add in WW points tracking.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

is this run over yet?!

Yesterday was  BEAUTIFUL New England winter day.  The sun was shining bright and the temps were climbing into the mid to upper 40's.  I even busted out some shorts to go running in and wasn't cold!  My run was a little dreadful.  I ran at a pretty decent speed, not my fastest and not my slowest, but my legs were so sore from going to the trainer yesterday.  By the end of the 5k I was begging for it to be over.

As for food.....I ate everything in sight yesterday and today my jeans are digging into my muffintop.....MUST STOP SNACKING!!!!!!!!!

Weekly Running update: goal 20km
Friday 1/4/13 - 0km
Saturday 1/5/13 - 5km
Sunday 1/6/13 - 0km
Monday 1/7/13 - 5km
Tuesday 1/8/13 - 5km
Wednesday 1/9/13 -
Thursday 1/10/13 -

Resolutions update:
abs daily - CHECK
pushups daily - CHECK
tricep dips daily - CHECK
vitamins daily - CHECK

Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Monday, I think so!

With the exception of htinking that today was Tuesday on several occasions, today was a good first Monday of 2013! 

Mondays and I have a love hate relationship.  I hate them because their Mondays and they are so far from Fridays!  I hate having to wake up and go to work.  I wish every day was a vacation day!  But I love them because on Mondays I only work one job.  I am home around 1:45, I eat lunch, run, meet with the personal trainer, and boom home by 5:00 feeling successful.  After that I have all night to relax and do my own things.  Its sure not like that the rest of the week...

I am just having a hard time getting back into the swing of eating healthy and tracking points.  This morning when I was getting ready for work I ate 2 cookies, just because they were there!  I wasnt even Hungry!!  How can I get back on track?!?

Weekly Running update: goal 20km
Friday 1/4/13 - 0km
Saturday 1/5/13 - 5km
Sunday 1/6/13 - 0km
Monday 1/7/13 - 5km
Tuesday 1/8/13 -
Wednesday 1/9/13 -
Thursday 1/10/13 -

Resolutions update:
abs daily - CHECK
pushups daily - CHECK
tricep dips daily - CHECK
vitamins daily - CHECK

SO far I am feeling good about 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Resolutions 2013

Why do we even bother, if your like me you will make a resolution to have your body turn into that of a supermodel's by the end of the year, and at the end of the first week you will stuff yourself with cupcakes, and end up with a muffin top. 

This Year I decided that my resolutions are not something that I am going to start right away, but things that I will work up to having be part of my routine by the end of 2013.  This way there is less chance for failure. 

My 2013 Resolutions are:

1.  to set and achieve weekly running goals
2.  to get back on the Weight Watcher bandwagon and start tracking points, no matter how many - just TRACK!
3.  to take vitamins daily
4.  to keep up with this blog
5.  to take more pictures
6.  to do more things with my pictures, frame them, make books, etc.
7.  to save money
8.  do 100 ab exercises daily (crunches, side abs, a mix, etc)
9.  10 pushups daily
10.  10 tricep dips daily

Starting NOW!!! 

Weekly MIlies January 4 to 10, 2013

To me my weeks start on Fridays.  This week my goal is to run 20km. 

January 4, 2013 - 0km
January 5, 2013 - 5km
January 6, 2013 - 0km
January 7, 2013 -
Janaury 8, 2013 -
January 9, 2013 -
January 10, 2013 -

Yearly Miles...

Ive decided this year I am going to keep track of all the miles of km that I run.  I think this will encourage me to maybe add a few more miles here and there to make my number larger, and maybe it will help to make my mufintop smaller.  My nike+ is set to km (because mentally it makes me think i am running farther, and also give me updates more frequently which encourages me to keep on running. 

So lets see how many km I can run in 2013......  How many km do you think I can run? 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Well that was all a blur....

SO..... it's been a while since my last post, and these past 2 1/2 weeks have all been a massive blur.  Here are the highlights.....

I baked a gazillion cookies, and wrapped a gazillion presents.....

Drove 21/2 hours after work on Friday the 21st to go see Mr. Match

Spent Saturday doing last minute Christmas shopping with him and eating cookies

Sunday was his birthday, so I made him pancakes, ate cookies, went to the deli and got sandwiches for lunch, had a cupcake and cookies.  I gave him his birthday presents at lunch.  I got him a new belt, fur lined sperry top siders, a new leather "murse" and a bocce set.  Every year for Christmas and his birthday I make him something that i call the "gift of love" This year his bithday gift of love was a hand made wooden box to hold the bocce balls.  That night went to his aunts house for an early Christmas eve dinner where we ate ate ate...

Monday exchanged Christmas presents with his parents, ate cookies, ate cookies, ate cookies, and drove 2 1/2 hours home just in time to wrap a couple last minute gifts and get to my uncles house for wait you guessed it......more food! 

Christmas day as always goes by too fast.  We ate, drank, opened gifts, ate, drank, and ate some more.  By this time my muffin top was OUT OF CONTROL!!!

Mr. Match didn't get to my house to exchange presents until the night of the 27th because he had to work the 26th and 27th.  He is never that thrilled with anything that he gets me, but this year was different, he was so excited about what he got me, he couldn't wait for me to open them.  He opened his presents from me first. I got him a new belt, a Patagonia fleece/sweater, new plain Sperry's, and waterproof speakers for our ipod on the boat.  His "gift of love" for Christmas was a night stand, hand built by me (with some help from my dad)  His gift to me was........a trip to FLORIDA to see my Best friends!!!!!! of course leaving at 4am the next day.  I quickly packed and went to bed and the next day hopped on a plane and headed to the Sunshine State. 

There I saw two of my best friends, showed Mr. Match where I used to live and go to college, ate, drank, ate, drank, ate, drank, ate, drank, ate drank.  Like my title says "it was all a blur" (mostly because i was drunk for 90% of the trip!   I got home from my vacation New years day a solid 5 pounds heavier!!!!!    uh oh! 

Now I am back to hopefully blogging daily! because after the holidays my Muffin top is here, and boy do I ever hate it!