Monday, March 11, 2013

kinda successful week, not so successful weekend

So Last week.....

Last week was great, I started off the week in GREAT spirits I was steadily loosing weight, I was drinking water, I was doing my daily workouts, getting in my cardio etc. 

As for my goals,  I completed over 5 hours on the bike 10km running ( i was supposed to do 15 but the weather was bad, so I did extra time on the bike to make up for it) 

I drank my water

I tracked

I did my exercises

SUCCESS - $25 earned!

as for my weight It was doing really well, but by the end of the week I got into some easter candy, and late night dinners that caused me to gain 0.2  Im not mad about the gain as it wasnt that big, but I wish i tried just a tad harder to have a loss. 

The weekend started early for a snow day on Friday.  Let me tell you what i did this weekend.....
I ate
I ate
I slept
I ate
I watched movies
I ate
I ate
I ate some more. 

I did NOT do any of my goals, I barely drank water, I barely worked out, I did NOT track, but i did eat! 

starting today i am back on track, and ready to reach my weekly goals.  If I stay on track the rest of the week I will give myself my money for iPad. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

week in review and March goals!

I am feeling better about myself this week.  I was able to earn 34 Activity points, I tracked every bite of food,  and I lost 1.8 pounds.  I am still not to where I need to be from before our huge snow storm, but its a step in teh right direction.  Infact, last week I said that If I lost any weight at all I would treat myself to a pedicure this weekend, so that I will do! 

Im heading to Cape Cod today after work to see Mr Match,  not sure what we have planned, but it always makes me nervous.  We tend to eat out, and I work out less.  But I already have it planned Im going to Bike today before I go there,  run tomorrow, and either a short run and a walk sunday, a long walk, or a run (depending on how my shins feel)

Today is the first day of March, and I feel like this month is going to kick-butt!  the weather has been getting nicer, its more motivating, and it might be the start of my birthday month... :) 

I achieved all of my goals for the past week and earned myself 25$ towards my iPad.  Im going to be modifying my goals for the month of march.  My goals will basically stay the same each week (might alter the cardio amounts based on the plans for that week, weather etc)

3/1/13 - 3/7/13 Goals

Bike 4 hours  (1 hour friday, 1/2 sunday, 1 1/2 hours monday, 1 hour wednesday)
Run  15km (5km saturday, 5km, tuesday, 5km thursday)
Abs  120 daily
lunges  12 daily
pushups 12 daily
triceps 12 daily
plank - 1min plank in am, 1min plank at night
water - drink 3 16oz bottles a day
Stretch for 5 min a day

If I loose any weight at all this week I will treat myself to 25$ worth of goodies at a place like TJMaxx or Marshall's  Maybe some new picture framse?  or a purse? 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend review

This weekend was OK. Not the best not te worst. Here are my daily tracking for Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Hoping for a great week!

Friday, February 22, 2013


I am testing my ability to post my WW tracking and points to my blog to help me stay on track

2 weeks in a row....

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?!?!?  this is the second week in a row that I not only FAILED my weekly goals, but that I also gained a significant amount of weight!  WTF?!

OK, I kinda know what I did wrong.  One I ate horribly, and again Wednesday I used up all my weeklies and broke in to some AP points, and then it was all downhill, I didn't even bother tracking anymore!  I ate dinner late, I snacked, etc.

I also had to babysit for the family I babysit for over the weekend, which meant a lot of eating crappy kid food, no exercise, and no time for my daily exercises.  UGH!


I love trying to earn money for my iPad, but I think i need more of an instant gratification.  I think this week I am going to start something else.  I will still add money to my iPad fund, but starting this week if I loose ANY weight at all even if its 0.2  I will treat myself to something small, like a pedicure either on Friday or that weekend.


Friday, February 15, 2013

2/15/13 to 2/21/13 - GOALS

My goals will be the same as last week

Biking - 4hrs on the bike
110 ab exercises daily
11 pushups saily
11 tricep dips daily
11 squats daily
1 min plank daily (could be 30 seconds each side if doing a side plank)
take all vitamins daily
track ALL Weight Watcher points daily
drink a full glass of water (or a small water bottle) before dinner daily or while eating dinner
drink another small water bottle daily before 3:30

hoping to loose what i gained this week

2/8/13 - 2/14/13 - REVIEW

this week was an EPIC FAIL!!!!!  I am so mad at myself!  there are a few things I failed at....

1.  Tracking - i was doing great until about Wednesday  On Wednesday I knew I was going to go over all of my weeklies and Activity points that were earned, so i just gave up.....UGH  maybe if I tracked I would have stopped eating, who knows.....

2.  my weight -  My goal was to be in the 158's this week meaning that I would have lost even .2  but no, I gained 2.0 pounds and am back up to 161.  UGH    FML  I even earned 38 APs!!!!!

3.  My exercises.....  I have been doing so Well with these for the first time in my life I have been doing ab exercises daily.  This week I forgot to do a plank 2 times (the two days that we skied, but I earned a lot of APs those days)  and there were two times this week I forgot to do my exercises, but did them first thing the next morning when I remembered.......

I feel like a failure!  I know this was a bad week for many reasons.  Skiing is great, and is a great workout, but it also entails eating ski lodge food - who could resist chicken fingers and beer on a cold day in a warm ski lodge?  It entails eating out, and snacking, and beer drinking.  When we got back from skiing there was 3 feet of fresh snow on the ground, and several roads took days to be plowed that meant.....No work until Thursday, lots of baking, lots of eating, oh and lets not forget about Valentines day, and the large amounts of chocolate consumed.

here were my goals for last week:

Biking - 4hrs on the bike - COMPLETE
110 ab exercises daily - COMPLETE  (even though i skipped 2 days, i did them first thing the following morning)
11 pushups saily -  COMPLETE  (even though i skipped 2 days, i did them first thing the following morning)
11 tricep dips daily -  COMPLETE  (even though i skipped 2 days, i did them first thing the following morning)
11 squats daily -  COMPLETE  (even though i skipped 2 days, i did them first thing the following morning)
1 min plank daily (could be 30 seconds each side if doing a side plank) - FAIL - skipped 2 days
take all vitamins daily - COMPLETE
track ALL Weight Watcher points daily - FAIL
drink a full glass of water (or a small water bottle) before dinner daily or while eating dinner - COMPLETE
drink another small water bottle daily before 3:30 - COMPLETE