Friday, March 1, 2013

week in review and March goals!

I am feeling better about myself this week.  I was able to earn 34 Activity points, I tracked every bite of food,  and I lost 1.8 pounds.  I am still not to where I need to be from before our huge snow storm, but its a step in teh right direction.  Infact, last week I said that If I lost any weight at all I would treat myself to a pedicure this weekend, so that I will do! 

Im heading to Cape Cod today after work to see Mr Match,  not sure what we have planned, but it always makes me nervous.  We tend to eat out, and I work out less.  But I already have it planned Im going to Bike today before I go there,  run tomorrow, and either a short run and a walk sunday, a long walk, or a run (depending on how my shins feel)

Today is the first day of March, and I feel like this month is going to kick-butt!  the weather has been getting nicer, its more motivating, and it might be the start of my birthday month... :) 

I achieved all of my goals for the past week and earned myself 25$ towards my iPad.  Im going to be modifying my goals for the month of march.  My goals will basically stay the same each week (might alter the cardio amounts based on the plans for that week, weather etc)

3/1/13 - 3/7/13 Goals

Bike 4 hours  (1 hour friday, 1/2 sunday, 1 1/2 hours monday, 1 hour wednesday)
Run  15km (5km saturday, 5km, tuesday, 5km thursday)
Abs  120 daily
lunges  12 daily
pushups 12 daily
triceps 12 daily
plank - 1min plank in am, 1min plank at night
water - drink 3 16oz bottles a day
Stretch for 5 min a day

If I loose any weight at all this week I will treat myself to 25$ worth of goodies at a place like TJMaxx or Marshall's  Maybe some new picture framse?  or a purse? 

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